Blue Riband winners share memories

Pictured are Matthew and Lucy with Margaret and Archie Jamieson
Pictured are Matthew and Lucy with Margaret and Archie Jamieson

Talented music siblings Matthew and Lucy Crabb celebrated winning a prestigious music award with family friends who had won the same award 60 years previously.

Matthew (13) and Lucy (10), from Brechin, were joint recipients of the Blue Riband award at the Arbroath Music Festival earlier this year.

The prestigious award is the highest award available at the annual festival, and it is presented to the competitor(s) who, in the opinion of the adjudicators, has been the most outstanding.

When Matthew and Lucy received the award at the 2014 Festival, for piano and tenor performances respectively, they didn’t realise they were following in the footsteps of fellow Brechiners Archie and Margaret Jamieson.

Margaret, nee Wilson before she married Archie, was awarded the Blue Riband twice for her violin playing. The first award came in 1951, followed by her second in 1954. Archie received his Blue Riband in 1956 for his vocal performance.

Margaret and Archie were reunited with the Blue Riband trophy recently and shared press cuttings and photographs commemorating their musical achievements from the 1950s with Matthew and Lucy.

Margaret said: “I never expected to hold the trophy ever again, so this is a very special moment. I am delighted that the Blue Riband has returned to Brechin after all these years.”

Matthew and Lucy were two of hundreds of competitors at the 82nd Arbroath Music Festival, and were a huge hit at the competition, winning all the classes they entered.

Matthew won his age group Piano class (11-13 years) and then followed up by winning the Beethoven class (91-honours), the Haydn/Mozart class and the Piano Advanced Recital Class (90-honours).

Lucy won the Advanced Instrumental Recital Class (90-honours) and then the Under 12 Brass Solo Class (92-honours) with a flawless performance.