Boys getting their kicks is not Stereo Typical

Jordan Stephens (left) and Harley Alexander-Sule are better known as hip-hop rebels Rizzle Kicks. PA Photo/Ray Burmiston.
Jordan Stephens (left) and Harley Alexander-Sule are better known as hip-hop rebels Rizzle Kicks. PA Photo/Ray Burmiston.

The lads from Rizzle Kicks are back for more with another album and a UK tour and are looking to keep it fresh for their fans.

Second album ‘Roaring 20s’ hit the shelves this month and last week they embarked on the first leg of their 21 date tour which takes them up and down the land.

Jordan Stephens, one half of the young duo with childhood pal Harley Alexander-Sule, is looking forward to hitting the road.

He said: “We’ve done really well to sell the tour as quickly as we have done.

“We’ve sold well all over the country, and I think there’s been a wave of difficulty and decline for some artists in the past year. People aren’t buying tickets as much as they used to. So yeah, we’re really excited and pleased to have done what we’ve done.”

To mark the achievement, they’ve added a saxophone player and DJ to their live band and the stage design will be more elaborate than the “little boring ramp” they had last time.

“We need to make it more of a show at every step. There are going to be a lot of fans who’ve seen us before and we don’t want to make it the same for them.”

Their debut, ‘Stereo Typical’, released in late 2011, spawned six singles, including ‘Mama Do The Hump’ and ‘Down With The Trumpets’, eventually going on to sell around 300,000 copies.

When it came time to record ‘Roaring 20s’, they again teamed up with Norman ‘Fatboy Slim’ Cook who had helped on the first record.

“It’s amazing to have a strong connection with that kind of guy,” said Alexander-Sule.

“He’s not only a legend in his own right, but also a Brighton legend. When we made our first record, he hadn’t made any music for about 10 years, so he was worried he couldn’t do it, and wondered why we wanted to work with him. We said ‘Err, because you’re Fatboy Slim!’ We were more worried about tarnishing his image but we didn’t.”

But it’s the unique experience of touring which is captivating the boys just now.

“It’s because you’re in this little bubble where the same thing happens every day, except you’re in a different place each day. That’s a unique experience when you think about it,” says Stephens.

“I wake up when someone tells me to, they then tell me where I can eat and what I can eat, and I can either do as they say, watch a film or sleep for a bit longer. Then the evening comes, we go on stage, loads of people are happy and then we’re on a tour bus with our friends, ready to do the same thing all over again the next day. How is that not amazing?”