Braik’s Close set to be leased for car parking

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Angus Council looks set to lease land at Braik’s Close to the developers of the adjacent property sited at 77-81 High Street which has been for sale/lease since December 2009.

The council received two offers for the site in January 2010 but, at the time of considering the offers, it had separately commenced negotiations for the adjacent property at 77-81 High Street from Trigo Properties Ltd as part of the Brechin town centre regeneration project so it was decided to go no further with the offers as the site may have been required.

Trigo Properties Limited have applied for planning permission to redevelop 77-81 High Street, which would include the former Flicks building, to form 15 dwelling houses with car parking being included on land at Braik’s Close which is in ownership of Angus Council,.

They have requested that Angus Council reconsider proceeding with an offer made in January 2010, which would see the developers leasing the site for a maximum period of five years at an annual rent of £1,200 per annum plus the capital value of the site at a future date when the lessee exercises the option to purchase the site.

It is intended that the lease will contain a condition that the houses within the adjacent development cannot be sold until Trigo Properties Limited have acquired the land from the council.

It is a condition of the planning consent for the site that the car parking area must be completed prior to the development of any houses on the site.

To protect the council position, the lease will contain a condition requiring the development of the car parking area to have commenced on the site within nine months from the date of entry.

The director of corporate service has recommended that the corporate services committee approve these plans at a meeting on Thursday (tomorrow).

Council leader Bob Myles reacted to the news by stating that, although housing was not what he would have liked to have seen in the properties at 77-81 High Street, to have a car parking facility for the housing would be a great benefit for the area.

“The only way the property can be developed is if the land at Braik’s Close is utilised in this way,” he said.

“The owner of the Flicks building has applied to develop it and he requires some of that land for parking space.

“Parking space is at a premium in Brechin and I do not want to see surrounding areas being taken up with parking when they could be used for something else.

“The applicant will been given a limited time to take advantage of this to ensure that he does not leave everything on the back burner.

“This would not have been my first choice but I would like to see Flicks back in some sort of semblance of operation.

“My first choice would have been to have a business in the building but that fell by the wayside.

“This all now depends on how the owner can utilise the buildings in the area.

“He will have to solve the problem with asbestos and then how he will develop it, but if you are going to have housing on that side then you will need to have some sort of parking.”