‘Braveheart’ statue in Brechin display

A Brechin businessman is to open his studio in support of the Watson-Watt Society of Brechin.

Tom Church, sculptor and monumental mason, will open his premises to the public on Saturday and Sunday, July 7 and 8 when his famous ‘Braveheart’ statue and other works will be on show.

In the past, Tom has explained that he was inspired by the film ‘Braveheart’ and the portrayal of William Wallace by Mel Gibson and decided to start his now famous work following open-heart surgery.

Since its completion the statue has been acclaimed world-wide and appeared in numerous publications and television programmes. For ten years it was on loan and exhibited beside the Wallace Monument in Stirling but is now back home in Brechin.

Tom said: “William Wallace has always been a hero of mine but I have also been greatly impressed by the work of Sir Robert Watson-Watt and the development of Radar which really helped save the U.K. from enemy invasion during W.W.II. There are many monuments commemorating William Wallace but I don’t know of any for Watson-Watt and I think that is wrong. Because of this I decided to try to help the efforts of the Watson-Watt Society by opening my studio. There won’t be a charge to come in and everyone is welcome but I will have a collection box and I hope visitors will be generous and all donations will go to the Society. In a way it will be like from Braveheart to Watson-Watt.”

Stewart Hill, Chairman of the Watson-Watt Society, added: “We were delighted to accept Tom’s generous offer and we urge people to visit his studio and see his awesome “Braveheart” statue. While the Society continues to raise funds as widely as possible, it is absolutely essential that we continue to be supported by our own community in raising funds to celebrate the achievements of Watson-Watt. His work has been largely ignored despite it being the basis of the modern radar systems used throughout the world in countless different ways.”

Tom’s premises in Brechin’s Montrose Street (through the pend opposite Dall’s Lane) will be open to the public on the above days between 10am and 4pm.