Brechin can become a force that is listened to

A bit of an update before I move on about the health care situation. There will be a meeting at Damacre Centre on November 3 at 6pm.

The thing is we need a lot of folk to show up on the day. We need to have so many that we can’t even get us all in. Somehow we have to start showing up and saying ‘Hey Brechin cares about what is going on here, hey world, you should too’!

We have a great community and people that are trying to make a difference but one at a time is not going to do it. We have to, from a broader cross section of Brechin, make time to support these stories and events that are happening or we will lose what we have and will never get back what has been lost already.

We so often seem to act like the Scottish Rugby team must feel after Sunday’s match where victory was lost to a couple bad calls of the ref. Maybe not really the ref’s fault in the sense that the win should have been put away earlier or that there was a late interception break away for our final try. But we were up against a team that by many standards should have been way better than us, yet Scotland played their hearts out, to in the end be left feeling a bit aggrieved losing by one point when we’d been up by two until that final bad call by the ref.

And so it seems for us here in Brechin, we feel like we are being hard done by, by the ‘powers that be’. That the ‘ref’ is out to get us, that we are powerless to do anything. Yet when we have a chance to get our voice heard we don’t speak out and take advantage of those opportunities.

We have Bravo, the Community Council, Brechin Churches Together and several other local groups trying to make Brechin a better place. But these groups alone without your help and participation can’t get the job done. But if somehow we can get ourselves motivated to get out and support each other and our community we just might become a force that is listened to.

What happens if 10 people show up at a community meeting? To be honest not much. But what happens if 100 people show up? Well sadly still not much, but more than if just 10 do.

I tend to think big and so have to ask what would happen if 1000 people showed up? Well, now I guarantee a lot would happen, somebody somewhere would sit up and take notice, it would rock the political status quo and probably someone would start asking us questions instead of the other way around.

I don’t know how this has a particular spiritual application like I usually try to make, apart from I know on the day of Pentecost in the book of Acts the upper room had 120 folk that God did something amazing in their midst and suddenly it stirred a whole city so that in two days 8000 people became the first Church of Jerusalem and from there spread around the world.

So okay, we start with some and hopefully encourage a lot more. Or we just accept a ref ruining the game results and... no, encourage each other and let’s see what happens!