Brechin officially a Fairtrade City

Brechin has been award the status of Fairtrade City.

The official confirmation arrived at the end of last week with the certificate being formally presented by the Provost, Ruth Leslie Melville on Saturday, March 5 at 5.30 pm at St Andrew’s Church Hall, St Andrew Street, Brechin.

The area covered by the certificate includes Edzell, Glenesk and Glen Lethnot as well as Brechin itself.

Father David Mumford, who masterminded the campaign, will receive the certificate on behalf of the Brechin Fairtrade forum.

David said: “I would like to thank all of the local businesses, civic societies, churches, schools and other bodies who have committed themselves to using and/or selling Fairtrade products.

“I would like to pay tribute to the Brechin Advertiser for the publicity they have given to the campaign since its launch in 2009, the Brechin Partnership for launching the campaign and making it one of their continuing priorities and to all the schools throughout the area who have given the campaign their support.

“Everyone is welcome to attend the presentation, especially all those who have helped in the campaign to achieve Fairtrade City status for Brechin.”

The Fairtrade Foundation sent a detailed feedback report on the application. Hannah Reed, the Fairtrade towns campaign manager who signed the certificate said: “Congratulations on achieving Fairtrade City status for Brechin.

“Doing so is a fantastic achievement, but do please remember that this is only the start of Brechin’s Fairtrade journey and that there is always more to do.

“It has been a great pleasure to learn more about all you have achieved and the obvious impact your hard work has had. We have been particularly impressed by the range of organisations in Brechin’s community who are supportive of the campaign.”

The presentation will be preceded by a Fairtrade ‘Big Brew’ between 3 pm and 5 pm at the Church Hall where people are invited to have a cup of Fairtrade tea and buy some fair trade products.

Also on Saturday from 10 a until 3 pm, Jennifer Tait of the shop Sunrise will be giving people who visit her shop on the High Street a chance to taste some tropical whole foods, as part of Fairtrade fortnight which started on February 28 and runs until March 13.

Jennifer got involved with Fairtrade products as part of her t-shirt printing business. She said: “Brechin becoming a Fairtrade City is great and hopefully this will encourage more people to buy or use Fairtrade products.

“I have been a t-shirt printer for a long time and over the years I have come to realise that the cotton industry is exploited and in many third world countries they have children working in the trade.

“Through my t-shirt printing business I got interested in finding where cotton came from and learning about the process of getting Fairtrade cotton.

“In Brechn there are so many people who do not come down the High Street and do not realise that there are shops down here like this.

“In my shop alone you can get Fairtrade products which range from dried fruits, chocolate, tea and coffee to t-shirts, infant and baby clothes or trainers.

“I would encourage people to keeping exploring with Fairtrade products. It is not as expensive as you might think. Often you can buy Fairtrade products which are about the same price as non-Fairtrade versions.

“Fairtrade products can make perfect gifts and you know that when you buy them that those who made the products are working in decent conditions.

“Fairtrade promotes a long term relationship with producers in the developing world. Some companies would buy from a producer because they are cheaper but if the next year they find someone who is cheaper then they would move on. People can end up completely destitute.”