Brechin PC helps out during Olympics

PC Iain Macpherson is pictured outside Wembley Stadium whilst helping out at London 2012 Olympic Games.
PC Iain Macpherson is pictured outside Wembley Stadium whilst helping out at London 2012 Olympic Games.

Police officers in London got a helping hand from officers across the country, including Brechin PC Iain MacPherson.

PC MacPherson spent three-and-a-half weeks in London during London 2012 - the United Kingdom’s biggest ever peace-time policing operation.

He said: “We were based all across London.

“We were based out of London travelling in for work. We didn’t get into the Olympic Park but there was archery on at Lords where I helped out at.

“We also helped at the football at Wembley, the boxing at the Excel and the road cycling.

“We were not on ringside or pitch side but we were there.

“The rest of the time we were out and about across London.

“On the day of the opening ceremony we were at Buckingham Palace as the Queen was holding a ceremony there.”

Areas covered by PC MacPherson included Wembley, Wimbleton, Greenwich, Enfield and Charing Cross.

“We spent a day right in the centre of London working at Trafalgar Square,” continued PC MacPherson.

“If we were not involved in any of the Olympic events then we assisted with general police business.

“There were thousands of police there. It was the biggest policing operation since the war.”

This is not the first time PC MacPherson has travelled to London in recent months having travelled to the capital to help out during the riots of 2011. Thankfully this time the mood in the capital was more agreeable.

“The atmosphere was completely different. Everybody was happy. People would speak to you.

“When we travelled on the Underground people were happy, everybody seemed to be getting on and I was not involved in anything that I would class as trouble.”

During his time in London PC MacPherson helped with the Olympic Torch relay for a couple of days.

“I thought Brechin was busy but in Greenwich there were hundreds of thousands of people out watching it. In places people were standing 20 or 30 people deep.

“It was a long time to be down but I enjoyed it. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

PC Macpherson was part of a group of 25 from Tayside Police who travelled down to London but there were other officers from the force who also helped out in the capital.