Brechin pet owners urged to use microchips

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A Brechin veterinary surgery is urging dog owners to make sure they can have their pets returned if they get lost by getting their pet is microchipped.

Lindsay Cameron, a vet at The Crofts surgery, said: “Microchipping is an important part of caring for your pet.

“A ‘chip’ is the most effective way of identifying a lost pet, as they do not fall out or come off accidentally. While collars and tags can get caught or removed – microchipping identifies your pet permanently.

“It is slightly smaller than a grain of rice and is inserted under the animal’s skin between the shoulder blades.

“The procedure is very simple and is put in place just like having an injection. Your pet will not be aware of the chip once it is under the skin.”

Each chip has a unique number which is stored on a national database, which contains owners’ details. Scanning equipment are available at vets, charity centres, local councils and police stations and can reunited a pet with it’s owner.

Lindsay said: “We get many lost dogs and cats handed into our practice. Dogs with no microchips are collected by the dog warden and taken to a kennelling facility. You then have to pay a fine to get them back.

“Cats are handed over to the Cats Protection. They have a two week rest period before they go out for re-homing. A pet that is chipped can be reunited with their owner within 15 minutes of being found.”

Owners who have chipped pets are reminded to keep details on it updated. You can do this by contacting the microchip company. You can get these details by looking on your chip certificate or contacting your vets.

Lindsay added: “In January and February The Crofts will be offering your pet to be microchipped at a reduced rate. Instead of £24 it will become £16, for only two months.”