Brechin plagued by discarded litter

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If you take a walk down almost every street in Brechin you will notice litter sitting discarded on the ground, often only feet away from a bin.

With millions of pounds being spent on the Brechin Town Centre Regeneration project to improve the look of the town this effort may seem pointless if people dirty Brechin’s streets by dropping litter.

Brechiner Jean Clark is one resident who has had enough of all the litter which lies about on Brechin’s streets and parks.

Three weeks ago when Jean was out walking her neighbour’s dog at a park beside the leisure centre when she came across litter which had been left by a group who had a barbecue.

Jean said: “It appeared that a group of four people had had a barbecue the night before. They had left a disposable barbecue along with two cans of Pepsi, a juice carton and a milk carton.

“There are bins available in the park but it would appear that people are just too lazy to use them.

“Litter is a problem wherever you go. You can go anywhere and you will find cans and papers lying about.

“You see people throwing litter out of their cars or dropping litter in the street.

“I once picked up litter after someone had dropped it and asked them if they wanted me to put it in the bucket for them.

“They turned and looked at me as if I had two heads when I did this. Some people do not seem to worry about dropping litter.

“Rubbish dropped can have an adverse effect on the likes of farmers who have to spend days cleaning up after people. This rubbish can also get into their machinery and break it.

“I do not think that anyone likes having litter lying about but it is everywhere. It is the same as dog poo. There are bins provided, but for some reason or another there are people who do not use them.

“It is coming up for tourist season and it would be good if visitors to Brechin would leave the town thinking of how clean and tidy it is compared to other towns in the area.

“I think the older generation need to teach the young that throwing litter is not acceptable. If a youngster sees someone older throwing litter then they will do the same.”

The message is clear, with bins provided across the town it is up to the community to use them and to keep Brechin clean.