Brechin Rotary issue more aid to Nepal

Rotary are sending Shelterboxes to Nepal
Rotary are sending Shelterboxes to Nepal

Brechin Rotary Club are continuing in their local efforts to help those affected by the earthquake disaster in Nepal.

Following the initial earthquake that hit the region in April, the Rotary Club immediately sent out two Shelterboxes - which provide those without homes shelter.

Now, following that second major earthquake in the region the club has acted swiftly again.

Thanks to two individual donations to the club, they have been able to send a further two Shelterboxes to the area.

A Brechin Rotary Club spokesman said: “Shelterboxes have been sent in by Rotary Clubs all over the world, and are now providing immediate shelter for thousands of people who have lost their homes. Each box costs £590 but the Shelterbox scheme ensures that every penny is used to get help to disaster areas quickly.”

The spokesman added: “We very much appreciate the two individual donations, and if anybody or organisation would like to help fund further Shelterboxes then please contact our secretary David Robinson on 01356 623211.”