Brechin Rotary send ShelterBoxes to Nepal

Brechin Rotary Club has been doing its part in helping out following the earthquake disaster in Nepal.

The club wasted no time in offering help following the 7.8-magnitude quake and sent out two Shelterboxes to help families affected.

A spokesperson for the Brechin Rotary Club explained: “At the heart of every ShelterBox is a disaster relief tent for a family of up to 10 people, designed to withstand extreme weather.

“In addition to the tent, there is an extensive range of survival equipment and tools, including thermal blankets and insulated ground sheets.

“There is even a pack containing drawing books, crayons and pens. For children who have lost most if not all of their possessions, these small gifts are treasured.”

Each ShelterBox cost £590, but thanks to the wide reach and scale of Rotary International, which has 34,000 clubs and 1.2 million members worldwide has been able to send out 500 boxes to Nepal.

There are plans for more ShelterBoxes to be issued to those affected.