Brechin stores need help

Over the last few years the THI has been spending a lot of time improving buildings within the centre of Brechin.

Now that many of the projects are completed or nearing completing the Brechin in Partnership have been looking for suggestions on how to promote Brechin to encourage tourism to Brechin (see story on page 4).

We asked, on our Facebook page, the question: “The THI has been spending a lot of time improving buildings in Brechin. What other things do you think could be done to improve Brechin and to encourage more people to come into Brechin?”

More financial help for shops already in Brechin was something that many people thought would benefit Brechin.

Fran Rizzo said: “I have no business experience personally, but I think one of the main problems faced by potential entrepreneurs is being able to cover the costs of running a successful business while making enough profit to be viable.

“Shoppers would seem to rather pay fuel/bus fares to go to Dundee rather than pay the more expensive prices Brechin businesses need to charge.”

This was something that David Robertson also agreed with.

He said: “The cost of renting property as well as rising electric and other costs of heating or cooling work places drives the price of the products up to cover the costs. This in turn drives away the trade.

“Also, there needs to be better parking to support an increase in trade.

“People may think it will be easier to stay and shop in Brechin if they could park their cars.”

For many people an addition of a national shop would be a welcome addition to Brechin.

Sheena Graham and Noreen Wilson both stated that they thought ASDA or Morrisons coming to Brechin would be helpful for the town, whilst Noreen Wilson thought that Brechin could benefit with getting a national clothing firm.

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