Brechin toilets an inconvenience

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Concerns about public toilet facilities in Brechin for men were raised after a two toilets were closed off unexpectedly.

A member of the public contacted the paper to voice concerns over the


He said: “There is no men’s public toilets open in Brechin.

‘‘Angus Council say that the cleaner went away on holiday with the keys - that was four weeks ago.

“When I phoned again they said the door was jammed.”

Angus Council have since clarified that the Southesk toilets had been closed for several weeks.

This has been to allow repairs to take place.

The Church Street superloo also required maintenance work.

Both are expected to reopen soon.

An Angus Council spokesman commented: “The gents’ toilets in the South Esk Street facilities have been closed to due to a leaking roof.

“Repairs should be completed this week and the toilets re-opened by next week.

“Maintenance was necessary to the door of the Church Street superloo .

‘‘However, I understand it should be available again.

“Advisory notices should have been in place and we will ensure such notices are in place for similar circumstances in the