Brechin Vision 2020 Showcase underway

Pictured is one of the themes displayed in the Parish Council Chambers.
Pictured is one of the themes displayed in the Parish Council Chambers.

The first week of the Brechin 2020 Vision Showcase has seen a good number of comments registered by members of the public.

The showcase, which is being run by The City of Brechin and District Community Council, is being held at the Parish Council Chambers (formerly the Registrars’).

Brechin's Parish Council Chambers

Brechin's Parish Council Chambers

Unfortunately, in spite of all the work that has been done in the city in recent years and the regular events that bring in visitors, there are still people who repeat the old comment that ‘nothing ever gets done’.

Would members of the public who enjoy these events and recognise the efforts of local businesses, organisations and individual volunteers like to come in and make a comment?

There is definitely a wish for more parking in Brechin and for the former Flick’s building to be demolished to remove an eyesore. This will be one unfortunate view of Brechin that many of the people coming into the city on Saturday (October 19) for the Hallowe’en Cartie Race will see.

There is scepticism about the flood prevention scheme being a waste of money. Perhaps some of the people affected by the last major flooding incident in November, 2002, would like to come in and explain just what devastation they had to cope with as their homes were inundated with water and silt? It may even be that some people took photos of their homes that they would be willing to share.

Community councillor and organiser of the showcase, Derek Harper, has highlighted one of those local groups that is already working with Angus Council to see improvements in our public park. The newly formed Brechin Park Group is working with Angus Council staff to see the bandstand renovated and new picnic table and benches placed into the park. In addition, a major redesign is in progress for the Millennium Forest.

Plans are in place to create some pathways to glades and to use the willow to create animal structures. There also strong chance of some new signage display to outline the features of the park.

Another piece of good news was that the planning application has been submitted for the plinth for the Watson-Watt memorial statue to be sited in St Ninians Square for 2014. This is the culmination of the hard work of another dedicated group of local people who have worked for some years towards this goal. This was emphasised last week by the news that Eddie Izzard is to play Sir Robert Watson-Watt in an upcoming movie about his life and the importance of his contribution to the winning of the Second World War. The statue could kick-start the regeneration of St Ninians Square, build on the great success of the Caledonian Railway and protect the future of Brechin Public Library.

Derek commented: “These are a few of the good things happening in Brechin because a number of people decided to get involved and change things for the better. There are opportunities for all members of our local community to pick up the challenge to join in to improve things for all of us.

“I urge all of you to take the chance to voice your concerns, share your vision for Brechin and get involved. The vision showcase is open for ideas and opinions. Why not pop along to register your interest in Brechin, it’s your city, your future, you decide!”

The Parish Council Chambers in Panmure Street will be open as follows:-

From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Monday, October 14; Wednesday, October 16; Tuesday, October 22; Saturday, October 26.

From 5 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, October 24.