Brechiner backs action on parking

A BRECHINER has backed up a recent “In My View “comment which called for the police and local authority to follow the lead of the Scottish government in a bid to make our streets safer for all users.

The column, on April 5, focused on the Scottish Government plans to get tough on responsible car parking that can make life difficult for wheelchair users – suggesting that it was all very calling for tougher parking controls but a different matter altogether when it comes to implementing them.

Mike Webster of Mountskip Crescent, Brechin, agrees that inconsiderate parking is a problem that requires a resolution.

“Living in Brechin for the last ten years I have seen the increase in vehicles in and around our street and it is obviously going to become worse,” he says in an e-mail to the Brechiner.

“When my wife and I moved to Brechin I made sure that we had a drive up the side of the house, which would make it easier for my semi-disabled wife to get in and out of the car and enter the house.

“But it does not prevent other motorists, local, those making deliveries or those selling goods from their van, from driving along the road, mounting the dropped-down pavement which gives me access to our drive and continuing along the pavement outside our house.”

Mr Webster goes on to explain that his wife, who has a Disabled Blue badge, is a very responsible motorist, observing all the rules of the road.

“She would never consider mounting or parking on a pavement no matter what the situation was.

“Those who do are very irresponsible, careless and do so without consideration for pedestrians and school-children using the pavement to walk to school.

“But, when we are unable to police vehicles parking outside takeaways with double yellows, what assistance I, as a pensioner, am likely to receive when vehicles park on the pavement outside my house?”

Mr Webster said he had considered requesting a marked bay outside his home on behalf of his wife but is of the feeling that ignorant drivers will also be just that and it will continue to be an uphill battle trying to change people’s mind-set when it comes to parking.