Brechiner’s pen appeal success

In September 2010 the Brechin Advertiser, along with Territorial Army Officer Captian Lisa Irwin, launched an appeal for pens for the children of Afghanistan.

The appeal proved a great success seeing members of the local community donating thousands of pens, along with paper and toys, to send the children of Afghanistan - with the last sack of parcels being sent last week.

Lisa helped organise the appeal whilst serving as a Female Engagement Team Commander in the war torn country seeing at first hand the plight facing youngsters in the country.

In some regions of the Afghanistan the children are so poor that if handed a pen and a notebook it can make their year. Pens are used, not only to allow the children to learn, but also as a form of entertainment.

Speaking to the Brechiner earlier last year, after handing out a number of pens sent from Brechin, Lisa said: “When I was at the school I had six packets of felt tip and Biro pens which I was able to give the teacher at the time.

“He explained that because he had been given some pens it meant that more children would now have the opportunity to read and write, giving them opportunities they may otherwise not have had.”

Pens were also distributed to children on the street, which when word got out, saw 60-70 children turning up in the hope of getting handed a pen.