Brechiners bombarded by leaflets

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THE majority of people in Scotland are aware that the age where you can vote in the forthcoming Holyrood election is 18.

The electoral register even declares: “While no-one can vote until they are eighteen, names can be added to the register showing their date of birth up to two years before they achieve voting age. They may not legally vote before their 18th birthday.”

However, it doesn’t stop some of the politicians writing to youngsters aged under 18 in a bid to gain their vote. It happened in Brechin last week.

Also what about the sheer number of leaflets popping through the letter-boxes?

The leaflets (pictured) were amongst the number received by one Brechin household in one day alone.

The leaflets included two from the Labour Party, one from the Greens, one from Allied Independent representatives or AIR, one from Alex Johnstone MSP and one from Nigel Don MSP, the latter two for the attention of a 17-year-old!

Perhaps most worryingly of all, certainly in my 20-odd years as a voter, was the first correspondence ever received from the British National Party.

To be fair they started well, saying; “Fed up with Useless Politicians?” And then very quickly revert to type. “Kick them where it hurts, Just one vote in 15 in the ballot box on May 5 will elect your British National Party member to the Scottish Parliament.”

Not to be outdone, there was also information through the doors on one person one vote and the dangers of switching to AV!

Perhaps the Greens could lecture the rest of them on the use of paper and how it’s wasted, as around 7000 Brechiners line their bins with their election leaflets.

The fact of the matter is letter boxes everywhere are under threat.

Be warned, a ‘postie’ near you is wasting his precious time handing out most of this nonsense and it will continue.

“The Brechiner” can exclusively reveal that your letterbox will remain a target until at least May 5.

Then, anyone who has been bold enough to keep hold of the hundreds of bits of paper they have received, can go back over them 12 months later and check how many promises that were made in these leaflets were kept.

Surely we don’t need more politicians, we need more solutions and investment to solve an area’s problems, like Brechin where unemployment has held back the local economy for generations now and where a lack of investment continues to effect every precious asset in the local community.

What will we get next year? Local elections! Next you will be getting information through your letterbox telling you that the local authority has lost out on just under £1 million!

On a more serious note, if we can seriously asked those under 18 to go and die for us in Afghanistan and Iraq, shouldn’t they be allowed their say on policies and procedure? If they are prepared to face a bullet, a few hundred election pamphlets are unlikely to worry them!