Brechiners to put presents under the Angel Tree

The Angel Tree in Brechin Cathedral
The Angel Tree in Brechin Cathedral

Underprivileged children in Brechin will benefit from a different kind of ‘Angel’s Share’ this Christmas as an annual campaign is set in motion.

The Angel Tree has again taken up residence in Brechin Cathedral and the community is being encouraged to donate toys which will be distributed to help put a smile on the faces of children who might otherwise have a miserable Christmas.

Tickets for the appropriate child have been on the Angel Tree since Sunday and the organisers are asking that gifts (which should be around £10 and new) be placed under the tree by Sunday, December 18, in time for their distribution.

Irene Gillies from the Angel Tree project said: “The reason we ask for a new toy is because when Cheryl and I were in Africa one little girl was given a new skirt which we had brought over.

“We had taken the children out for the day and the little girl was wearing her new skirt. Cheryl called her over because she still had the price tag attached to her skirt, but there was no way that ticket was to be removed, it was the first new garment she had ever had.

“The joy of getting something new to be theirs has been with me since. Thank you all once again for your generosity at this time.”

The Cathedral is open daily until 4pm, tickets can be collected and gifts dropped off during this time.