Brutal assault earns man 26 month sentence

An advocate's wig
An advocate's wig

A man who brutally attacked his girlfriend and threatened to “rip out” her unborn baby within an hour of having a court ban on seeing her lifted was today (Tuesday) jailed for more than two years.

A sheriff blasted Stephen Gibb saying his attitude to women “should have died out in the 1500s” after he launched the vicious attack because he claimed she had “smiled at a man who approached her in the street”.

Gibb later attacked his own mother, threatened to kill her if she phoned police, kicked an officer then hurled anti-English slurs at him following the attack on his partner.

Gibb had gone to court on June 2 in a bid to have bail conditions banning him from seeing his girlfriend lifted.

They had been imposed over a threatening and abusive behaviour charge for which Gibb was later handed a six-month jail sentence.

Gibb left Forfar Sheriff Court having had the conditions removed and met his victim outside before heading to catch a bus to Brechin.

But he immediately launched an angry tirade at his partner after seeing her speaking to another male and “smiling” at him.

Gibb tried to blame his victims for the attacks and claimed his mother had in fact attacked him.

Fiscal depute Susan Ruta told Dundee Sheriff Court: “An argument started and he said he thought he was not the father of her unborn child, she being 14 weeks pregnant at the time.

“During the bus journey he tried to grab her, prompting a fellow passenger to intervene to calm him down.

“He then said he was going to kill her when they got off the bus.

“She got off the bus in Brechin and walked through the town crying and made her way to the accused’s mother house.

“Once inside the close there he grabbed her and pinned her against a wall.

“He had one hand around her neck and began squeezing, telling her to stop crying.

“She started to scream hysterically and asked for help.

“He removed his hand and placed it across her mouth then pressed the rim of a bottle into her throat, forcefully pushing it into her neck.

“He then said he would rip her unborn baby out of her.

“The accused’s mother came out and his girlfriend managed to break free and ran into the house, appearing upset and scared.

“The accused entered and began shouting.

“His mother tried to calm the situation but he responded by grabbing his mother by the wrist and said he was going to kill her if she ‘phoned the police.

“His father arrived and he had to tackle him to the ground.

“Police attended and found the accused on the sofa where he kicked PC Jack Swindells on the leg.”

He then racially abused the officer.

The Fiscal added: “When he was interviewed he claimed he was attempting to cuddle his girlfriend to make her feel better and claimed his mother had been punching him.”

Gibb, 20, a prisoner at HMP YOI Polmont, pleaded guilty on indictment to assaulting a woman to her injury, assaulting his mother and assaulting PC Jack Swindells on June 2 this year in Forfar and Brechin.

Defence solicitor Nick Markowski said: “He turns 21 tomorrow (Wednesday) and will be celebrating, if that’s the right word, a major birthday behind bars.

“He was on medication that was not supposed to be mixed with alcohol - but he drank a significant amount of alcohol and became angry.

“He accepts a custodial sentence is inevitable.”

Sheriff Alastair Brown jailed Gibb for a total of two years and two months.

He said: “Men who behave in this way, who act with extreme anger, violence, or threats of violence with no basis can’t expect the court to deal with them with any sympathy.

“If ever there was a time for the attitudes you manifested towards this woman, that ended in about 1500AD.

“It is absolutely unacceptable for anyone to behave in this way.”