Bucket loads of donations

Edzell Fireworks Display' 'Copyright Andy Thompson Photography / ATIMAGES''.
Edzell Fireworks Display' 'Copyright Andy Thompson Photography / ATIMAGES''.

Edzell Bonfire and Fireworks display committee had to invest in a sturdy metal bucket for their most ardent volunteer - after holing one last year.

Angie Johnston collected so many donations for the fireworks display at the 2014 event, her plastic bucket sustained a hole in the side.

Organisers purchased the metal bucket this year, to avoid a repeat and she rewarded them by collecting over £1200.

The committee ran a competition on their Facebook page following this year’s display, with a free flashing glow sword up for grabs for whoever could guess how much Angie had collected this year.

Audrey Gammie was closest with her guess of £1183.83, with the actual total Angie raised reaching £1252.41.

The committee described the total as “beyond belief”, adding they are “so proud of her single-handed achievement”.

The committee also confirmed that, following all the buckets being counted, the event is in a slight profit, which means it will go ahead next year.

A post on the groups Facebook page added: “A massive thank you to Angie Johnstone, Alan Barr, Zoe Kirkham-Mowbray, Carole McKenzie, Beth, Brodie and Ken Mack, Hezup Racing young men and Edzell Scouts, without taking out time to stand in the cold, shaking buckets to collect funds, this whole event simply would not happen.”

Thanks were also given to Jack Craighead for the industrial machinery, David Bruce (DLB Scotland) for safety fencing, Angus Council, West Drums Catering, Geddes for bonfire materials, Tuck Inn, Panmure Arms, EVIS committee members, Stagecaoch, St Andrews First Aiders and the police.