Buckie bottle assault pair plead guilty

Dundee Sheriff Court
Dundee Sheriff Court

A pair of Brechin men are today (Tuesday) facing jail after they admitted assaulting with a bottle a teenage boy at a 15th birthday party.

Callum Anderson attacked the boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, after a melee broke out at the bash in Brechin, Angus.

The birthday boy’s mum ushered the fighting parties - including Anderson and his co-accused Jack Mackie - out into the street.

There Anderson confronted the victim, asking him what his name was and where he lived.

Anderson then grabbed the boy and dragged him up the street before punching him on the head.

Fiscal depute Eilidh Robertson told Dundee Sheriff Court: “This caused him to hunch over and caused his polo shirt to rip.

“As he was bent over, he was repeatedly punched on the head and chest by both accused, before he was struck once over the head with the glass bottle that accused Anderson was carrying.

“This caused the boy to begin to bleed profusely, and at that stage both accused ran away from the locus.

“This was witnessed by a number of young people at the party aged 13-16.

“The boy was found to have a deep laceration on his forehead which was closed with three stitches.

“He was also found to have shards of glass in his hair.

“He had swelling and reddening to both eyes.

“He has a faint scar on his hairline which is covered by his hair, but told the police that he is more bothered about the ongoing court case than he is by the faint scar.

“Police arrived at the locus shortly after the paramedics.

“They found a broken Buckfast bottle on the road outside the house.

Anderson, 18, of Dundas Park, Brechin, and Mackie, 20, of Wards Road, Brechin, pleaded guilty on indictment to a charge of assault.

The offence took place on October 30 last year in Harley Place, Brechin.

Sheriff Alastair Brown deferred sentence until next month for social work background reports and released them on bail meantime with a curfew condition.

He said: “You have to be aware that detention is a possibility in this case.”