Abattoir safety measures

Local business owner Alan Jess has allayed fears about animal welfare in the reopening abattoir just outside Brechin.

Following a letter to The Brechiner from a concerned resident regarding the wellbeing of pigs being slaughtered at the site, Mr Jess said there were measures in place to ensure standards are met at his AP Jess site on the Montrose Road.

The resident asked if there could be guaranteed training and supervision to ensure no animal suffers when the abattoir reopens.

The main measures taken by AP Jess are that all staff must be fully licenced to work in abattoirs, and CCTV would be fitted throughout the site.

The concerns come after a secret investigation showed animal cruelty in some UK abattoirs. Five major supermarkets independently called for CCTV cameras to be fitted in the stunning and killing areas of all abattoirs that supply them with meat, as they move to reassure consumers that animals are not being cruelly treated. With this in mind, AP Jess is complying with these measures.