Bid to bring cinema to Brechin

Brechin's City Hall
Brechin's City Hall

A new community group has formed in the hopes of bringing a cinema back to Brechin, and it’s generated over 650 ‘likes’ on Facebook after just a week.

The Brechin Community Cinema Project set up a Facebook Page last week in order to gauge community support, and to let the local community know what the project was aiming to do.

In a post the group explained: “Establishing a neighbourhood cinema is a really achievable project. We can all remember Saturday afternoon matinees at the cinema and this is something we can help our children experience too!

“We have a number of great venues around the town there are numerous sources of funding we can tap for equipment. This is a realistic, achievable and fun project for cinema lovers of Brechin to back.”

The group hope to set up a mobile cinema, that can be used in a variety of venues - including Brechin’s City Hall.

To help achieve this aim, the group is putting together an application for a competition by run by courtesy of Saville AV and the British Film Institute.

Saville AV will provide the technology and the BFI Neighbourhood Cinema team will help the group get up and running.

The competition closes on 9 February 2015. Part of the competition entry includes describing the first film screening and explaining how a local community cinema would make a difference to your neighbourhood. The group hope to use a mocked up front page of the Brechiner to detail their first film screening, and are calling on the help of locals to create a unique video.

The group are hopping to finalise their entry on Friday (February 6), and are calling on Brechiners to help them.

Mark Arbuthnott, who is involved in the group, said: “We want to a bit more creative than just sending pictures of our community. We want people to do dubsmashes and video clips of their favourite movies lines to make it a bit more creative. The hitch is getting people to do it. We only need people to donate five seconds of their time of a video clip and upload it on to our Facebook page by Thursday.”

Regardless of the success of their competition entry, the group hope that with enough support, they can establish a community cinema in the town.

Mark added: “Win or lose, we will continue with the project. It’s achievable. It depends on getting volunteers involved. It’s a fun way to get something in the town.”

The group are also planning to attend the Brechin charrette this week.