Bid to tackle nuisance calls by Angus MP

An investigation by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Nuisance Calls - which includes Angus MP Mike Weir, is trying to tackle nuisance call issues.

A series of hearings took place last week with representative from the industry, regulators and consumer groups meeting with the group.

Mr Weir explained that it was imperative that action be taken.

He said:“The level of nuisance calls is simply intolerable, and it is now no longer simply on fixed lines but also on mobile telephones. I regularly receive complaints from all over Angus on the issue.

“Whilst consumers have to be careful on what information they give to third parties, and in particular ensure when ordering goods or filling in forms they do not give permission for information to be used for marketing purposes or transfer to other organisations, it is also imperative that telecoms companies take their responsibilities seriously.

“There is no single ‘silver bullet’ to solve this problem and the solution will lie with a combination of regulation, action by the telecommunications industry and technical changes.

“Action is long overdue and hopefully this report and the private members bill being put forward by members of the group will make progress to tackling the problem.”