Brechin burning features in new Montrose book

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A NEW book on the history of Montrose and its surrounding area, including Brechin, was launched on October 23.

Entitled ‘Vikings to Victorians – Eyewitnesses to Montrose History’ it is the third book published by the Montrose Basin Heritage Society, a small but active research group. This volume has been printed by Astute (Scotland Ltd) in Forfar. Publication has been supported by the Angus Council Community Grant Scheme.

This is not dry as dust history; instead this is life as written by those who were there. From the Danish invasions of the 940s to the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, there are quotes from chronicles, diaries, travelogues, letters, obituaries, poems, newspapers, magazines, court and church records and so much more.

The burning of Brechin in 1645 features in the book, along with information how to hire a horse in the 17th century, changes to the countryside, dancing and shopping in the 18th century, building a fortune abroad and the impact of plague.

The book is not just a volume about Montrose history, but also a serious contribution to Scottish history.

The book, priced at £8.99, is from the online at www/ or through local retailers from late October.