Broadband is too slow

ON the wake of the announcement that Forfar is to benefit from the next stage of BT’s fibre optic broadband programme many Brechiners have been left wondering “when will it be us?”

The high-speed technology will become available to homes in Forfar by Spring 2013, with Montrose benefiting from the increased speeds in Spring of this year which will see internet speeds in those areas at least trebling to around 40Mbs.

Linda Gibson who lives about two miles outside Brechin, has an average internet speed of around 2.5Mbs - less than the average expected speed of 7 - 8 Mbs: “I was thinking about changing my broadband and I was speaking to few providers in the area. Here the speed we have is 2.5Mbs but we have been told the average is 7 – 8 Mbs.

“I was shopping about thinking it was maybe the provider that was not working properly and that I could improve the service by shopping about a bit but I found there was nothing I could really do about it.

“I guess this is affecting people’s businesses in the area, it is certainly something that affects leisure time activities.

“It is quite frustrating when you are trying to do stuff on the computer, or you get told you can access something on the internet as it will be quicker but when you go to do it is slower than what you would have had in the first place.”

And it would seem that Linda is not alone in wanting faster broadband.

Ian Atkinson would also like faster internet speeds: “BT infinity fibre optic broadband and 40mb download rate is the norm down south, we need it here too. Montrose is getting it, now Forfar, why is Brechin left out again?”

However not everyone agrees as Graeme Gove explains: “I assume the reason the larger towns are getting the service first is that it makes business sense for BT, there are more potential customers so more chance of a return on their expenditure. I moved to Talk Talk last year when is came available in Brechin and have seen a drastic improvement in my broadband speed. I don’t think I need 40mbs.”

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