Broadband is too slow

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A story printed in last week’s Brechin Advertiser, highlighting the issue of broadband access being too slow in the Brechin and surrounding area, is a problem that many people seem to relate with.

Although Brechin is expected to get speeds of around 7-8MBs Tine Jacobs, who lives just six miles out of Edzell, is struggling to receive anything close to his.

“I would like to highlight that quite a lot of households are not getting anything close to 2.5 Mb,” stated Tine.

“Due to being far from the exchange we get only 0.5 Mbs.

“I do realise that we live relatively remote, six miles out of Edzell, but BT should not forget we all pay the same price but we get only a fraction of what is offered to others.

“We can not use things like BBC I player, YouTube or other movie downloads that the majority of people are using.

“Many thanks for highlighting this issue!”

But it is not only Brechin that seeks to get faster broadband speeds. A group, calling themeselves Tavistock Superfast Broadband, sent a message on our Facebook page “All is not well down ‘South’ either. Only those without decent broadband know the true situation. In Tavistock we are under 3 miles away from Superfast Cornwall so it just as frustrating for us as yourselves - good luck!