Broadband speed website is good news

A website aimed at investigating the gap in broadband internet performance across the UK has been launched - good news for Edzell Woods residents.

Just last year it was announced that Edzell Woods’ Halsey Drive had the slowest broadband in Scotland and the third slowest in the United Kingdom.

According to research carried out by, the local street had an average broadband download speed of just 0.25Mbs. This was a far cry from the fastest download speed in Scotland, found at Aberdeen’s Merkland Road, of 62.96Mbs, which is still slower than the UK’s fastest street, Willowfield in Telford which has an average download speed of 70.90Mbs

The 2013 UK Rural Broadband Survey ( combines a short questionnaire about quality of service received with an automatic speed test to build up a picture of the service experienced by internet users in different areas across the UK.

The study is backed by Satellite ISP Bentley Walker who provide internet via satellite to users requiring broadband access in remote locations around the world.

Neil Denyer, sales manager for Bentley Walker, explained: “Traditionally, demand for internet via satellite has centred on remote parts of the world that lack a developed telecoms infrastructure.

“In the UK the demand for fast, reliable broadband is now developing faster than the infrastructure to support it outside of our towns and cities.

“As a result we’re seeing increasing demand in the UK from customers who are no longer satisfied with slow connections.

“Being involved in the Rural Broadband Survey is a great way for us to better understand where the wired network is falling short.”

The test itself takes just a couple of minutes to complete on all but the very worst of connections.

Participants are also being rewarded for their involvement by being entered in a prize draw to win an iPad Mini.