Businessman in warning over car park

Drivers who are parking and abandoning their cars in a local business owner’s car park are being warned – you might not get out so easily now.

Alan Renilson from The Stables lounge has contacted The Brechiner, claiming that he is losing out on business because of inconsiderate drivers who are parking their vehicles in The Stables car park without visiting the establishment.

The problem is not a new one but – although the issue did get better for a time – Alan is finding that more and more motorists are now parking in his car park, leaving no room for his customers.

Alan claims that people have contacted him saying they did not visit or come into the business for lunch because they thought there would not be a table because of the car park being so busy – despite there being tables available.

Alan told The Brechiner: “I had this problem a year ago and for a time, it did get better.

“Although I do not mind parents using the car park when dropping off or picking up their children from school, or if someone pops in to say they have parked in the car park and are popping across to the shop for five or 10 minutes I don’t mind. What I am finding is that people are dumping their car and not returning for hours.

“I have had a ‘phone call recently from a customer who did not come in because the car park was chock-a-block.

“Another customer came in and explained they almost never stop because of the busy car park.

“I am losing business. It makes me wonder how many other times this has happened.

“I know by law there is nothing I can do.

“I can’t clamp or tow cars away, but I can block cars in with my van – and so if you have dumped your car in the car park, you might not be able to get back out of it so easily.”

Parking at The Stables is at a premium for the business during the lunch period rush from 11.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. and Alan is warning motorists that he will block cars in when he feels it is necessary.