Community campus update

Angus Council has revealed an update for the Brechin Community Campus development.

The project is being funded by Angus Council, with support from the Scottish Governments’ Schools for the Future investment programme. The campus will be designed to be open to the entire community as well as replacing the current Brechin High School.

It is hoped that, along with supporting the Curriculum of Excellence, the campus will also provide facilities for the following: vocational learning courses; community based activities; young people/adult learning and support services; range of leisure related sports and recreation activities.

In the latest update, Angus Council has also announced key appointments. Robertson Construction Group are the contractors for the project. The architecture firm in charge will be JM Architects with Jacobs being responsible for civil and structural engineers. The mechanical and electrical engineering will be undertaken by Hulley and Kirkwood.

Space Strategies will also be involved in the project to help ensure the space available in the campus is used effectively. Their role involves contributing ideas to learning and teaching as well as ideas for community use. They have been meeting with potential user groups - including adult learners and young people- to find out what they need from the campus.

The updated timetable lists December, 2013, as the starting time for construction, with completion expected in July, 2015. This would mean that the campus would be open and in use for the start of the August, 2015, school year.

The demolotion of the current building is scheduled to begin in September, 2015.