Conferences in Angus and Dundee 2012 gave economy a £55 million boost

Ms Tocher, is business tourism manager of Dundee &Angus Convention Bureau
Ms Tocher, is business tourism manager of Dundee &Angus Convention Bureau

It has been revealed that conferences held in the Dundee and Angus area in 2012 have generated over £55 million for the local economy.

Dundee and Angus Convention Bureau, who announced the figures, revealed that this was an increase of nearly four per cent compared with 2011.

Over 248 thousand delegates from the UK and abroad attended conferences held in the city and surrounding area throughout 2012, resulting in a direct expenditure of over £11.5 million.

Karen Tocher, business tourism manager of the bureau said: “Dundee and Angus continues to attract world class conferences to the area which helps to strengthen its position as a leading business tourism destination.

“The importance of these events to the local economy cannot be underestimated. 2012 was an incredibly successful year for the region with major conferences including the International Society for Root Research ISRR 2012 Conference and the eighth International Conference: Concrete in the Low Carbon Era 2012 helping to generate over £55 million.”

She continued:“As the statistics show Dundee and Angus is perfectly placed to attract a wide range of conferences. With the planned further developments we will be able to attract larger conferences and more delegates, which will in turn promote the area to a wider audience, who may return as leisure tourists.

“Looking ahead, conferences are in place until 2015, including the International Conference on Photodynamic Applications and the International Society of Addiction Medicine conference, with each conference expected to attract 400 international delegates, worth over £800,000 to the area.

“Conferences within the fields of medicine, printmaking, education and archaeology are also set to take place over the next two years, attracting between 50-350 delegates each. Having these events in place sets a good foundation for further development.”