Council Tax levy for empty properties

Local authorities can now remove the empty property discount or increase Council Tax by up to 100 per cent on properties which have been empty for one year or more.

The Scottish Government has given local authorities these discretionary powers to encourage property owners to return their properties to use.

Bringing houses back into use increases the supply of local homes and reduces the blight on communities, caused by empty houses which fall into disrepair.

Angus Council is surveying the owners of long term empty properties in the county to gather information about the reasons for houses being left empty.

The information will help the council to shape a change in its council tax policy for empty properties.

The change in legislation gives local authorities greater flexibility in relation to the council tax applied on long term empty properties; previously local authorities were only able to vary the level of discount from the minimum of 10 per cent.

Owners of empty homes in Angus will shortly receive a survey which should be returned to the council in the pre-paid envelope provided by 31 October, or they can complete the survey online at .