Council to tackle dog fouling in Angus

Requests made to Angus Council to clean up incidences of dog fouling across Brechin increased from the period of 2011/12 to 2012 to the end of February 13.

Requests rose from 93 to 112, although across Angus the overall number of requests fell by 34.

Despite the increase in clean-up requests the number of complaints over the same periods fell by 23 to 57.

Community Wardens, dog wardens, park supervisors, environment management officers and police officers are all authorised to issue Fixed Penalty Notices for dog fouling offences and the community warden service did so on eight occasions in 2012/13, up four from the previous year.

Angus Council’s neighbourhood services committee will meet on Thursday, April 11, with the view to implementing a joint action plan to improve service to the community in tackling dog fouling across Angus.

Action to help prevent dog fouling includes carrying out an audit of both litter and dog fouling bins in identified and key problem areas as well as promoting the use of existing litter bins as multi-use bins for the disposal of dog fouling.

Multi-departmental activity will take place in targeted areas with a view to issuing Fixed Penalty Notices to offenders.