Free TV Licence for people aged 75 and over

TV LICENSING and Age Scotland are reminding older TV licence holders in Brechin they will be entitled to a free TV licence on their 75th birthday.

Anyone aged 75 or over is eligible for a free TV licence for their main address. Eligible people can register online at or by calling 0300 790 6073. The free licence covers all the equipment in the property, meaning family or carers living in the same home can benefit.

Anyone aged 74 or over can begin planning for the concession by applying for a short-term licence which will last between one and 11 months. The free licence is not granted automatically so those eligible need to make sure they apply by getting in touch with TV Licensing directly.

Customers with a free TV Licence are reminded to contact TV Licensing if there is a change to their name, address or telephone details.