Homes without phones

Homes and businesses in Edzell have gone for over two weeks without a working phoneline after stormy September weather.

An Edzell based hairdressers got in touch with the Brechin Advertiser via twitter to highlight the issue. BT were initially unsure of the cause of the problem, but after investigating discovered it was the result of a fallen tree.

A spokesperson for BT commented: “Unfortunately, the damage in this case was indeed caused by the recent storm. A tree came down on some aerial cable which in turn caused a telegraph pole to topple just off Edzell High Street. The first fault was reported on September 25 and around 10 premises are affected.

“Engineers tried to establish a temporary route to carry calls while permanent repairs were carried out, but were unable to proceed because of further issues with poles. Surveyors have been out to the site to plan the repairs and these will now go ahead on Tuesday, October 16. We’re really sorry it’s taking longer than we’d like to get this sorted.

“Anyone affected should contact their service provider if they have not already done so, as service providers can help with practical measures such as diverts.”