Litter is an issue from the Northwater Bridge to Brechin

Rubbish in one Brechin side street has been lying there for months.
Rubbish in one Brechin side street has been lying there for months.

Further complaints about litter have been lodged with the Brechin Advertiser this week, with some readers even sending in pictures.

Ian Robertson sent in a picture of business rubbish that has been in the Liddles Closie, just behind Swan Street. Mr Robertson has said that the rubbish featured in the picture has lain at the side of the road for months.

More issues of litter appeared on the Brechin Advertiser Facebook page, with Fiona Beattie commenting: “Often after the recycling has been picked up there’s rubbish which has ‘missed’ the van and is left in the street - empty milk cartons, papers etc., particularly down Cookston Road. The council staff don’t think to pick it up!”

Another reader from the Edzell area, who did not wished to be named, has said that litter is a big issue at the Stracathro flyover on the A90, and despite reporting it numerous times, the area is still rife with rubbish. They commented: “The flyover at Stracathro is just an absolute mess. I’ve reported it numerous times. I don’t understand why they don’t clear it up it’s terrible.”

The reader continued that litter is an issue from “Northwater Bridge right up to Brechin”, with the roadsides seeing some of the worst levels of litter.

They added: “I walk up by the Edzell woods and the Castle and there is litter all over. It is really bad coming in to Brechin off the A90. I just can’t be doing with it.”

Angus Council has asked that any complaints of litter should be reported to the ACCESSLine by telephoning 08452 777 778.