Lloyds TSB’s Brechin branch is not closing

Customers who may have had difficulties getting access to the Brechin branch of Lloyds TSB have been reassured that the branch will not be closing.

Concerns were raised to the Brechin Advertiser when a reader phoned the office after having had problems accessing the bank due to branch closures.

The Brechin Advertiser contacted Lloyds TSB who have since quashed any rumours about the branches closure.

A spokesperson for Lloyds TSB said: “The branch is a Lloyds TSB Scotland branch.

Lloyds banking group is being forced to sell a branch network to the Co-operative group and every single Lloyds TSB branch in Scotland will be part of that sale.

“That branch will be part of the range of branches across the UK that will be sold.”

Although the branch is one that will be sold, Brechin’s branch of Lloyds TSB will “categorically not” be closed.

“I have spoken to the area manager and the branch was closed one afternoon three weeks ago due to staffing issues,” continued the spokesperson.

“It is a sub-branch which means that it is generally staffed by staff who have been seconded from other branches from across Angus.

“It runs with three staff. If we have a shortage of staff due to sickness, on very rare occasions we will have trouble opening.

“I understand that we have had a bit of a problem with that recently.

“There was another issue last week when there was a late opening. This was due to problems with the branch manager getting access to the branch in time because of a personal issue.

“We are very sorry for the issues this has caused.”