Mike Weir welcomes oil jobs

Angus MP Mike Weir has welcomed the continued job creation in the oil and gas industry and in particular the news that Japanese oil and gas explorer JX Nippon are ready to invest billions in the North Sea oil.

The deals, which will see JX Nippon commit to the Mariner field south east of Shetland, are further evidence of the value of Scotland’s natural assets.

Speaking on the news, Mr Weir said: “North Sea Oil and Gas is a major contributor to the economy of Angus and to Scotland as a whole.

“Many people in Angus work directly in the industry or for firms which do a major amount of their work for the industry. It is immensely important that the industry continues to thrive.

“The creation of 700 new jobs and financial interest from Japan is a sure sign that the stock of Scotland’s oil is a hugely valuable resource.

“Despite the ludicrous scare stories run by anti Independence groups the fact is that there is still and estimated £1.5 trillion worth of oil in the North Sea, which is much higher than the value of the oil already extracted.

“Instead of being squandered as it has been by successive Westminster Governments - Tory and Labour - we need the powers of an independent Scotland to ensure that oil and gas resources work for the benefit of the people of Scotland, as they have done in Norway.