Minion visit pays off for local cinema

The Minions and Gru met up with City chairman Ken Ferguson
The Minions and Gru met up with City chairman Ken Ferguson

Brechin Community Cinema’s weekend of promotions was a hit, with the Minions attracting plenty of attention when they were in the town.

The popular characters also proved a hit on the big screen too, with the cinema group revealing that the screening of the Minions movie attracting their biggest audience yet.

A spokesman for the group said: “Thanks has to go to the Minions and Gru for coming to Brechin and helping in assisting with everything, thanks also to Brechin City for allowing them to have a bucket collection at the Glebe.

“Perhaps Brechin City’s generosity should have stopped there and not let them in the technical area.

“Again we are eternally grateful to our volunteers who rallied round and bought into everything that we are trying to do.”

Volunteers are already busy gearing up for the film screenings on Sunday, September 6.

The 1pm screening is ‘Inside Out’, followed by ‘Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation’ at 4pm and ‘The Choir’ at 7pm.

Film lovers are also getting the chance to get involved with the screening option for Sunday, October 4.

The spokesman explained: “We have moved our films about on Sunday, October 4, which has meant our 7pm slot is free.

“To allow our audience to get more involved we are asking them to select between two films; ‘Ricki and the Flash’ or ‘Legend of Barney Thomson’.

“Trailers can be viewed on our Facebook Page ( and comments left as to which you prefer.

“We will consider all comments and may even put on another film if there are enough suggestions.”

The screenings to date have also provided an opportunity for local groups to operate a tuck shop as a fundraiser.

If any group or organisation would like this opportunity, please contact the community cinema group via their Facebook page or by emailing