MP meets FairFuel campaigner to discuss impact of high prices

Pictured is Mike Weir (left) with FairFuel UK founder Howard Cox
Pictured is Mike Weir (left) with FairFuel UK founder Howard Cox

A campaign for a cut in fuel duty by FairFuel UK has captured the attention of Angus MP Mike Weir.

Mr Weir met with FairFuel UK founder Howard Cox and his colleagues to discuss their campaign and the impact of high fuel prices in rural communities like Angus.

FairFuel make the point that the price paid at the pump impacts upon every aspect of the supply chain, prices in the shops and social cohesion. They particularly note the impact on businesses and say that the haulage industry is the lifeblood of the economy delivering goods and services needed by businesses and individuals across the UK.

Fuel represents the biggest single cost for most logistics businesses and all businesses must look to controlling costs.

Commenting on the issue, Mr Weir said that there were particular difficulties in rural areas such as Angus. He continued: “The generally high cost of fuel is hurting hard working families in Angus who are already being pressed by the rocketing prices of other essentials, whilst wages are, at best, stagnant.

“A rural area such as Angus gets a double whammy since there is no realistic alternative to road transport so costs both for bringing goods in and transporting goods out of Angus hit both consumers and local businesses.”

“Many people in Angus also have to travel to work due to the nature of our economy and face substantial costs in doing so.”

“Clearly concerns about climate change need to be addressed and emissions from transport addressed, but that requires a major overhaul of systems and the introduction of new technology, which is now beginning to happen.

“There is, however, nothing green about destroying local economies but there is a real danger of that being done due to the price of fuel.”

“The SNP have long called for a fuel duty regulator to stabilise prices and allow for long term planning by families and businesses.”