Nathro broadband pledge

Eurowind, the company proposing the Nathro Hill Wind Farm, is researching how they can help rural Angus access better broadband.

The consultation on the wind farm had asked what local needs or priorities a community benefit dividend could assist with. The need to address the slow and patchy broadband service emerged as a top priority for respondents and continues to be raised in ongoing discussions with residents.

Eurowind has already held discussions with economic development at Angus Council on their broadband improvement programme and will be taking part in further discussions.

In addition to collaborating with the existing rural broadband initiative, Eurowind is also exploring the possibility of a more localised solution for the Lethnot area.

This would involve the installation of a fibre optic cable for broadband during the construction of the wind farm. The explorations are at an early stage but being actively investigated by the company.