New look energy bills for Scottish Hydro customers

The new look hydro bill
The new look hydro bill

Customers of Scottish Hydro will soon receive a new-look energy bill as part of the company’s commitment to making bills simpler and clearer.

The new bill features 10 key pieces of information and design features including a de-cluttered bill with simple front page summary and financial position, a clear presentation of billing periods and dates as well as easy-to understand prices and charges.

Easy to find contact information and clear identification of whether the bill is estimated or actual were also amongst the key considerations from customers.

The new style electricity and gas bill will initially be rolled out as part of a trial to around 2 million customers who pay quarterly across Scotland, England and Wales. Thereafter the new style bill will be introduced to the remaining customers who pay by Direct Debit.

Further changes will be made to the bill to meet the Ofgem’s regulatory changes to energy bills which will come into effect in April 2014 as part of its Retail Market Review reforms.