No paper TV licence for 2,800 Brechin homes

Households wont be issues with a paper licence
Households wont be issues with a paper licence

Around 2,800 households in Brechin and the surrounding area will be part of a UK-wide initiative which will see the reduction of paper TV licences issued.

TV Licensing is undertaking the initiative in order to deliver better value for the licence fee payer.

TV Licensing has written to more than 14 million direct debit customers to let them know that they will no longer receive an annual paper licence, as long as they automatically renew and pay on time.

These changes mean it’s important customers notify TV Licensing if they move house or change their personal details.

With the cost of the Licence Fee frozen until 2016, the amount people pay for a TV Licence has not changed since 2011.

Stephen Farmer, spokesperson for TV Licensing Scotland, said: “We’re always looking to increase efficiencies to deliver better value for the Licence Fee payer.

“By not issuing the annual paper licence to Direct Debit customers TV Licensing will have saved around £5 million from the start of the initiative to Charter Renewal in 2016.

“Those customers won’t require a paper licence until 2016 as we know their property is correctly licensed and their payment plans won’t change until then.”

He added: “Without the yearly postal reminder, there is a chance some customers may forget to let us know if they move house, or update their Direct Debit details.

“Keeping us updated of any change of details is easy and can be completed quickly and safely online or by phone.”

Customers can check or update their personal details anytime by visiting or by calling TV Licensing on 0300 790 6112.