Pension increase

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Elderly residents in Brechin and Edzell now benefit from an increase in their basic state pension.

North East Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Alison McInnes highlighted the increase in the basic state pension as confirmation that the UK coalition government is committed to helping the elderly in Brechin and Edzell.

The £5.30 weekly increase came into force on Monday, April 9, taking the basic rate payment to £107.45 a week.

Mrs McInnes commented:

“This is the biggest ever increase in history.

“We are on the verge of delivering on another key Liberal Democrat manifesto promise with the Chancellor announcing in the recent Budget the coalition’s intention to give pensioners £140 a week.

“For the last 30 years, the value of the basic state pension has fallen overall in that period.

“Since the link with earnings was broken at the start of the 1980s by the government of that time, the pension has fallen further and further behind the earnings that it is meant to replace.

“The Liberal Democrats in the coalition government have put a stop to that, just as we said we would.

“The UK Government will increase the basic pension by the higher of the growth in earnings or consumer prices.

“And to go further still, if both earnings and prices are growing slowly, we will increase the pension by at least 2.5% - our so-called ‘Triple Lock’ guarantee.”