Promotion for Journeycall’s Julie Howe

Julie Howe has been promoted to training manager.

Julie Howe has been promoted to training manager.

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Journeycall, the contact call centre who have an office in Brechin, has promoted Julie Howe to the position of training manager.

Julie, who was instrumental in raining Journeycall call centre and support staff in readiness for the multi-million pound online National Railcards issuing contract, which was introduced in November 2012, said: “Creating the right service culture amongst operational personnel starts with training and I’m committed to ensuring this remains one of our top priorities.”

Happy to announce the promotion is managing director, Trisha Pirie, who commented: “I’m delighted to announce the appointment of Julie Howe as training manager.

“Julie has been an integral part of the Journeycall operational team for several years.

“Demand for Journeycall’s customer service solutions has steadily increased in the last few years and is picking up sharply this year as the industry looks to outsource services in response to economic forces.

“Julie’s impressive knowledge of Britain’s public transport services gives her a solid foundation on which to lead our training department and will allow us to continue providing an extensive portfolio of training programmes focussed on delivering world class customer service.”