Report nuisance calls urges Angus MP Mike Weir

A website aimed at combatting nuisance calls has been backed by Angus MP Mike Weir, who suggests Brechiners make use of it.

The new online complaints tool, has been launched by Which? and can be accessed through their website .

The problem of nuisance calls is one that has featured many times in the Brechin Advertiser and Mr Weir is backing a private members bill to tackle the increasing problem of such calls stating all avenues should be used to tackle them.

Mr Weir commented: “In order to tackle the scourge of nuisance calls it is vital that they be reported. Which? research, however, shows that only around 17% of consumers officially complain.

“This does not reflect the true scale of the problem since all of us receive numerous such calls each week, whether we are registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or not.

“The online tool makes it easy for those who receive the calls to complain by taking them direct to the relevant regulator’s complaint form in a matter of seconds.

“The law already provides for large fines for those breaking the rules but for this to be done it is vital that complaints are made so that those who break the rules can be traced and dealt with.”