Resident hits out at school lunchtime litter issues

Litter collected from Cookston Road
Litter collected from Cookston Road

A Brechin resident has hit out at litter in the town caused by pupils from Brechin High School during their lunch hour.

The person, who asked not to be named, took picture evidence of the mess left on Cookston Road on Friday, January 24.

Sandwich packaging, takeaway cartons and cake boxes were among the rubbish left strewn on the street after lunchtime.

The resident not only took a picture of the litter, but contacted a teacher at the school about the issue.
The person said: “I have spoken to Mr Mills, a teacher at the school, who was very supportive and said the issue is about to be raised in school.

“Why do we still have such a hard time getting this message across? Would they like to have to wade through all this on a daily basis? Not to mention the cost to us all and to the environment!”

Mr Mills commented: “We take complaints seriously from neighbours and the community.

“We encourage our pupils to take pride in their community and we will reinforce this at the next round of assemblies, and in the next parental newsletter.”

He added that the school will make sure to keep in contact with the resident about the issue, adding: “The Senior Management Team, when possible, will patrol the local streets.”

When posed the question on Facebook, other Brechin residents confirmed they had experienced an issue with increased litter at school lunch times.

Mark Arbuthnott commented: “Anyone living in the centre of town will tell you that many of the kids drop not only litter but the remnants of their food on the street and outside of Co-op, of course there are many bins but this is no excuse.”

Lynn Black added: “It’s a disgrace,they even pass bins and would rather drop it on the ground.

“I’ve had litter stuffed in my hedge and thrown into my garden.”

However, it seems it’s not just lunchtime litter that is causing a problem in the town, Donna Smith said: “I was waiting in Lidl car park for my son to get off the bus from school, as the bus stopped the driver opened his window and threw three bits of paper out without a care.”