Revamp for Hillview flats

HILLVIEW could be set for regeneration if Angus Council approve plans to demolish a number of flats.

A proposal has been put forward by Ron Ashton, director of neighbourhood services, to demolish the two empty blocks at 47-58 Hillview, comprising of 16 flats, and build four family houses in their place.

The move to replace the flats with houses is just one of three options which will be put to the committee on Thursday evening.

Two further options include making the site into a play area with additional car parking space or converting the flats back into their original layouts.

The cost of the play park would be in the region of £60-£65,000 while the conversion would cost around £640,000. Meanwhile the demolition and building of family homes is set to cost around £480,000.

In support of his proposal Mr Ashton said: “The new build option will provide a change of character in the area and would remove some of the high blocks, leading to a more open feel with a reduction in the number of flats.

“As these would be considered ‘new supply’ houses, they would be exempt from the tenant’s Right to Buy.

“Although this option reduces the total number of dwellings available for rent, the demand in the area for flats is very low at present, but the demand for houses is high, so there is certainty over a good response from potential tenants.”

There is a total of £650,000 set aside for improvement works at Hillview which would be sufficient to cover any of the three options available.

Therefore, should the recommended proposal be accepted is it will come in well within budget.

Mr Ashton said: “Once tender returns have been received, any available balance from the £650,000 provision will be reallocated within the overall HRA Financial Plan.”

The Hillview flats have lain empty since 2010 when the decision was made to close them down and re-home any remaining tenants.

A subsequent consultation revealed that many of the respondents wanted a children’s play area but only 15/20 out of 100 households took an interest.

Mr Ashton concluded: “The demolition of these two blocks of flats in Hillview and the construction of four new family houses will provide a much-needed boost to the type of housing available in the area, building on work with the community to improve safety and security and a sense of place.”