Rising fuel hammers households

On the day that the OFT published its report on petrol prices the European Commission released its latest bulletin on fuel prices across the EU which shows that whilst the UK has the lowest pre-tax prices for both petrol and diesel across all the EU member states – the percentage taken in tax in the UK is the highest across the EU.

With this level of tax being shown to be a major factor in the cost of fuel, the SNP are renewing their call for the Westminster government to introduce a fuel tax regulator.

Commenting, Angus MP Mike Weir said: “Coming on the day of the OFT report, these figures from the European Commission show that Westminster’s fuel taxes are still too high. They are a key element causing problems for motorists and hauliers in Scotland. “Drivers and hauliers across Scotland have been enduring these taxes imposed by Westminster for far too long as rising costs of fuel taxes have hammered householders and small businesses, especially in rural areas such as Angus.

“Angus families face a double whammy from rising fuel costs.”

For Mr Weir’s full comments on fuel prices, see next week’s Brechin Advertiser.