Salvation Army say farewell to Brechin pair

Pictured: Brian and Yvonne are retiring from the Salvation Army after a combined 42 years of activity.

Pictured: Brian and Yvonne are retiring from the Salvation Army after a combined 42 years of activity.

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Salvation Army stalwarts, Majors Brian and Yvonne Findlay, are retiring after a combined 42 years involvement in the Salvation Army in Brechin.

The couple have been officers in the Salvation Army for a combined total of 28 years, and celebrated their retirement from the Brechin Corps on Sunday, February 24.

Margaret Campbell, a member of the Salvation Army, wrote and read ‘An Ode to Yvonne and Brian’ during their service.

The poem paid tribute to the hard work and dedication the pair have shown the Salvation Army during their years of service.

Members of the Salvation Army Brechin Corps have said that the pair will be “greatly missed”.

A transcript of the poem is provided below:-

Four to five years have now come and gone, Since Major Brian and Major Yvonne

Came to take charge of Brechin Corps.

(How we wish they could stay for five years more!)

Yvonne, once a week, went to Andover school

The bairns she helped there vote her “real cool.”

The mums and the tots twice a week made their way

To the hall – and drank tea while the bairnies did play.

On Fridays, the Polish incomers time spent

Learning English (admitted with a strong “Broch” accent!)

At visiting aged and sick, they both played their part.

And comforted those who had a sad heard.

At the Home League, Yvonne never once said “No”

When “told” it was time that she had to go!

And how she looked forward to trips here and there!

At helping the less able, she’d aye time to spare.

As Brian sold War Crys each week in Montrose,

He would listen and advise those who told him their woes.

They made, washed up; cleaned toilets and hall:

Moved tables and chairs with no trouble at all.

Coffee mornings raised finances; as did “soup and sweet,”

(Brian’s home-made soup went down like a treat.)

When round came the time for the Annual Appeal

With Lizzie in tow, they did “awfu’ weel.”

They worked well together, our Yvonne and Brian

And not once did we ever hear them a-sighing.

But their meetings well remember above all the rest,

For each week we went home feeling we’d truly been blessed.

But old age, as you know, creeps up on us all,

And they are not exception, which why, in this hall

To bid them “adieu” we have sadly met;

And advise “now please, please, please do not fret,”

When you hear what a poet from Dundee had to say

“We trust his view on old age will not cause you dismay.”

Brian and Yvonne are planning on spending their retirement in Carnoustie.

Their retirement celebration was attended by members of other Salvation Army Corps, as well as higher officers from the Salvation Army.